KAIKObase version 3.2.2: May-13-13
- The following changes were made:
  1. A detailed information page was added to a gene (KBgnXXXXXX).
  2. The page provides various information including sequences, expression, automated-annotation and orthology.
  3. You can access detailed information by clicking on a gene (KBgnXXXXXX).

KAIKObase version 3.2.2: Feb-03-12
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.2.1) were made:
  1. Total gene number was changed from 16,449 to 16,823 genes.
  2. Gene ID 'KBgn' was changed to 'BMgn' with the corresponding 6 numerals.

KAIKObase version 3.2.1: Jan-23-12
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.2.0) were made:
  1. Total 44 FLcDNA sequences were deleted due to a transposon and chimeras, or incomplete sequences.
  2. Accession NumberClone nameKBtr numberReason
    AK377195BmN-03O05KBtr3000011transposon sequence
    AK377581fe8d05H14KBtr3000396incomplete sequence
    AK377583fe8d05J13KBtr3000398incomplete sequence
    AK377621fe8d09C06KBtr3000436incomplete sequence
    AK377662fe8d14A07KBtr3000477incomplete sequence
    AK377707fe8d20C23KBtr3000522incomplete sequence
    AK377708fe8d20E20KBtr3000523incomplete sequence
    AK377718fe8d21N11KBtr3000533incomplete sequence
    AK377742fe8d25D10KBtr3000557incomplete sequence
    AK377769fe8d29K18KBtr3000584incomplete sequence
    AK377785fe8d33L07KBtr3000600incomplete sequence
    AK377812fe8d37K12KBtr3000627incomplete sequence
    AK377816fe8d38A11KBtr3000631incomplete sequence
    AK377824fe8d39K10KBtr3000639incomplete sequence
    AK377828fe8d40E09KBtr3000643incomplete sequence
    AK377832fe8d40J05KBtr3000647chimera sequence
    AK377849fe8d43K13KBtr3000664incomplete sequence
    AK377865fe8d45L07KBtr3000680incomplete sequence
    AK377869fe8d46M07KBtr3000684incomplete sequence
    AK377886fe8d50P17KBtr3000701incomplete sequence
    AK377987ffbm20N02KBtr3000802incomplete sequence
    AK379152ftes06D04KBtr3001967incomplete sequence
    AK379228ftes08N06KBtr3002043incomplete sequence
    AK380631fufe06I06KBtr3003446incomplete sequence
    AK380684fufe09D13KBtr3003499incomplete sequence
    AK380831fufe17M02KBtr3003646incomplete sequence
    AK380983fufe25C24KBtr3003798chimera sequence
    AK381480fufe48G18KBtr3004295incomplete sequence
    AK381500fufe50A20KBtr3004315incomplete sequence
    AK381512fufe50J14KBtr3004327incomplete sequence
    AK381513fufe50L01KBtr3004328incomplete sequence
    AK381666fwgP09E02KBtr3004481incomplete sequence
    AK381673fwgP09K13KBtr3004488incomplete sequence
    AK384093fcaL07G15KBtr3006908incomplete sequence
    AK384235fcaL13A21KBtr3007050incomplete sequence
    AK384377fcaL19F01KBtr3007192incomplete sequence
    AK384407fcaL20O06KBtr3007222incomplete sequence
    AK384487fcaL24I04KBtr3007302incomplete sequence
    AK384795fcaL38B09KBtr3007610incomplete sequence
    AK385050fcaL49D24KBtr3007865incomplete sequence
    AK385052fcaL49E12KBtr3007867incomplete sequence
    AK385059fcaL49G22KBtr3007874incomplete sequence
    AK385060fcaL49H11KBtr3007875incomplete sequence
    AK385076fcaL50E02KBtr3007891incomplete sequence

  3. Please note that clone names of 7 FLcDNA sequences were changed as follows:
  4. KBtr numberAccession Numberformer clone namenew clone name

KAIKObase version 3.2.0: Nov-25-11
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.1.1) were made:
  1. "Genes" to be annotated by the 'Silkworm Genome Annotation Community' were added in the Keyword search and GBrowse of KAIKObase.

KAIKObase version 3.1.1: Nov-11-11
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.1.0) were made:
  1. Total 69,048 EST sequences were added in the EST database (KAIKOcDNA database).
  2. Total 15,887 full-length cDNAs derived from original full-length cDNAs and Bombyx mori mRNAs obtained from public database were incorporated in the KAIKO full-length cDNA database (KAIKOcDNA database).
  3. 3' SAGE (Serial Analysis of Gene Expression) tags data derived from "posterior silkgland" (PSG) and derived from "middle silkgland" (MSG), both of which were the same developmental stage on fifth instar larval stage (Day 3') were integrated in GBrowse.
  4. "Locus" was deleted from the GBrowse data and the Keyword search data.
  5. KAIKObase with the above data was updated.

KAIKObase version 3.1.0: Sep-15-11
  1. KAIKObase version 3.1.0 with a whole set full-length cDNA database and EST database was released.

KAIKObase version 3.1.0: Nov-26-10
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.0.1) were made:
  1. Full length cDNA database was linked to KAIKObase.
  2. EST database was linked to KAIKObase.
  3. Full length cDNA and EST information were added.
  4. Locus position was added.

KAIKObase version 3.0.1: Jun-30-10
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.3.0.0) were made:
  1. KAIKOGAAS database was linked to KAIKObase.

KAIKObase version 3.0.0: Feb-26-10
- The following changes in the previous version (ver.2.0.1) were made:
  1. Core database was changed from text database into Chado database.
  2. BLAST results are displayed on each chromosome map.

KAIKObase version2.0.1: Feb-06-09
- The changes in the previous version (ver.2)are as follows:
  1. Top page of KAIKObase layout was changed.

KAIKObase version2: Jan-08-09
- The changes in the previous version (ver.1)are as follows:
  1. Bombyx Trap DataBase was linked to KAIKObase.
  2. KAIKO2DDB (proteome database) was linked to KAIKObase.
  3. Display style of Chromosome Overview has been updated on the top page.
  4. Search function delimited with chromosome and scaffold position was added to Keyword and Position Search.
  5. Graphical display function was added to Keyword and Position Search results viewing area.
  6. Manual editing function for viewing range was added to BLAST results viewing area.
  7. Download function of sequences file was added to PGmap page.
  8. GBrowse browser has been updated to version 1.69 from version 1.69 beta.
  9. Scaffold data was added to Data Sourece in GBrowse.